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Queers Against Fascism is a new, student-based group based out of the University of California. Our core leadership is a diverse group of under-30s. We have membership in the students and faculty of several UC campuses.

Our mission is to provide practical support for marginalized students and the organizations fighting to protect them. We believe that marginalized students will have the best chances if they are organized, informed, and well-supported. Our methodological approach is two pronged. First, we seek to facilitate access to information, including practical resources (like UC programs for Dreamers), relevant news, and theoretical analysis. Second, we seek to provide practical support in the form of training and direct action resources.

Our organization is non-hierarchical, but acknowledges as officers members who have stepped into leadership roles by consent of the group. Membership roles are fluid and non-prescriptive, reflecting the specific relationship of the individual leader to their community.

UCSB Organizers:

Naia Al Anbar (she/her)



Ben Butterfield (they/them) is a psychology Major, queer studies minor focusing on queer theory and social psychology. They are an intern at QComm and a member of the Trans Task Force on campus. They are treasurer and nonviolence officer of QAF.



Johann Koehle (they/them) is a criticalcool-guy sociologist with a background in feminist research, trans activism, and direct actions mostly focusing on antiracism and economic justice. Their central project within QAF is to establish emergency medical services for protesters. They serve as sergeant at arms.




Hikaru Ezra Mernin ze/hir (they/them auxiliary) Ezra is a Feminist Studies major with a minor in LGBTQ Studies. Ze works closely with the MCC & the RCSGD as chair of two of UCSB’s trans organizations. Hir responsibilities within QAF are as follows: Blood